• Plug Connection
    Plug connection is different from
    the previous 510 tread connection
    or micro pen cl ick connection.This
    is more conveninent to connect,
    easy to use.
  • Plug Connection
    Plug connection is different from the previous 510 tread connection or micro pen click connection. This is more convenient to connect, easy to use.
  • CBD Cartridge
    The CBD cartridge is with the newest OCELL heating technology. It is fast heating, good absorption and offering pure vapor. The heating element is wrapped inside the ceramic, making the ceramic cook the oil.
  • DQC
    Heating Chamber sperated design make it possible to stock some wax inside and enjoy the vaping at the same time. DQC offers fast heating and pure vapor.
  • Power Button
    Five times click to turn on and off. Press and go for the pen, offering you the fast speed.
  • USB Port
    Universal USB charging port make it conveninent to charge when low power.


airis-mw (9).jpg




     Use for

     Wax & Oil

     Battery Capacity

    420mAh Lithium Polymber Battery 


     Black / White / Red



     Turn On / Off

     5 Times Click on Power Button            

     Automatically Turn Off                                

     5 minutes Shutoff ( Safety Feature )                                                                                                                    

     Charging Port

     Micro Usb Charging Port 

     Heating Chamber

     Fully Ceramic Heating Chamber , extra insert chamber available

     Heating Methord

     No Combustion, Baking Technology 

     Replaceable Parts

     M-oil tank, W-wax tank  


     6 Months for Battery, 3 Months for tanks

     Heat Up Way

     Press the power button and vape

User Manual

airis mw.jpg


//   Advanced Technology     ●     Simple Intelligence     ●      Taste Maker     ●      Portable Discretion    //

Appreciated for purchasing Airistech vaporizers. All the Airistech brand vaporizer are included warranty which will have its unique code which can request for warranty from Airistech.

Process claim for warranty:

Fistly, pls save the code on the box when you receive the products, check on our website for anti-counterfeiting process.

Secondly, contact if quality problem happen

Thirdly, claim for warranty from the places where you bought the product, and we will deal with our distributors or agents directly

Warranty Details:

All the heating coils come with 3 months warranty

Batteries are with 6 month warranty

Herbva series products are with 1 year warranty.

Thanks again for choosing Airistech brand and pay attention to our design, we will continue designing good products and offering you the best services. Quality is the first priority, service is the basic principle, and you are the core during our business.


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