The Headbanger Wax Vaporizer--Exclusive QCell Heating Technology

Posted Jun 21st 2018

The Headbanger Wax Vaporizer--Exclusive QCell Heating Technology


Are you going to be the one who leads the concentrate vaporizer trends? The first to have newest portable vaporizer?

Come to Airistech, they have the most advanced wax vape kit built with latest patented Airistech QCell heating technology.


Patented QCell heating Technology

A revolutionary coil better than CCell coil for users to experience a new way of vaping.

-The QCell coil is the first coil of its kind. More direct contact with quartz for a pure smoking experience. 

-Fritted quartz material allows for maximum wicking.

-Light, convenient, minimal wastage. 

-Affordable premium concentrate technology. 

-Designed in Denver. -Made for every user.

-The Quartz Authority line features the newest of quartz technology.


Quartz wax pens currently on the market use the standard quartz rods wrapped with a metal coil to heat the material. This design allows a build up of unsavory resin and matter that gunks up coils. Concentrates usually come in direct contact to the coil which can lead to unpleasant tastes and accidental burning.

The new patented QCell technology eliminates these problems as well as any competition. Airistech’s innovative fritted quartz coil expands the quartz surface area to completely cover the heating element basing this concept off of the use of a typical quartz banger. This allows direct contact with quartz to have the best vaping experience. 


The fritted quartz coil absorbs the concentrate at an even temperature. This wicking experience will allow for multiple hits and leaves no waste-age. Once the quartz coil is heated and used, flavor will stay present but not burn. This device was made in mind for every kind of stoner. 


Apart from the QCell coil, Airistech Vaporizer has the following advantages too.

Two options--Dip or Dap

To dip--Convenient, you don’t need any extra tools. And no need to clean chamber. No waste.

To dap-- QCell Quartz Technology--pure taste, big vapor, high absorption.



Variable Voltage

It features user-set voltage which allows you to choose from 3.4V, 3.7V, 4.0V, so you can customize the experience.



Portable--Handheld Vaporizer

It's small enough to fit in your pocket but has vapor quality.


Glass Water Bubbler



Large Battery Capacity



Replaceable&Portable Quartz Jar


Magnetic Connection Cover


High-end Metallic Feeling


Micro USB Charging


Its stylish outer shell and full functionality appeals to those who enjoy dual capabilities and discretion. you can create your prefect vaping experience.


If want to know about Airistech Vaporizer, please visit, where it's full of new and patented vaporizers.