Airis Tick--CBD/THC Vaporizer--Stoners' True Love

Posted Aug 9th 2018

During our Champs Trade Shows in July, 2018, lots of customers whoever is headshop, smoke shop, wholesaler, distributors, cbd oil brands etc are interested in Airis Tick.

Lighter design is full of fun, when you hold it, you can not help playing it, sometime it's like a toy.

Smooth shell is as soft as skin. You will always repeat touching it automatically.

Magnetic Connection-carts easily fit in battery, it happens in seconds.

Oil Window--Everything is in your eyes, no more dry heating and burn taste.



Ergonomic Design of the tank--don't worry it will hurt your face again as Yocan Flick.


Voltage Control--You make your own choice of voltage


2 Magnetic Ring Included--Don't worry about carts length. Cheers.


If want to know about Airistech Vaporizer, please visit, where it's full of new and patented vaporizers.