Best Wax Vape in 2018

Posted Aug 31st 2018

Best Wax/Concentrate Vape in 2018

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The standout concentrate vaporizer in 2018 is definitely the Airistech Headbanger 2-in-1 Vape.

This device features dual ‘Dip & Dab’ atomizers for vaping your favorite concentrate and is as user-friendly as it gets.

With the included glass aqua-bubbler you can take massive tokes of concentrate vapor without breaking a sweat or succumbing to a coughing fit. 

Airistech’s new quartz-inclusive line of wax vaporizers all feature the advanced QCell Quartz Heating Technology that the brand is slowly becoming famous for. 

The Airistech Headbanger comes equipped with every vaping accessory you could possibly need to dab on the go, even including two concealable quartz jars with silicone lids for on-the-go concentrate consumption. 

These quartz jars slot directly into the magnetic-bottom of the Headbanger, giving you the ability to transport up to a gram of two separate varieties of wax while you’re on-the-go. 

Airistech’s premium concentrate vape is definitely the most aesthetic on the Best Wax Vape 2018 Buying Guide list, appearing more like a high-end box mod vape than a dab pen, but this does nothing but add to its premium image!

Coined the ‘Dip & Dab’ wax vaporizer by manufacturer Airistech, the QCell Headbanger 2-in-1 Wax Vape is capable of atomizing your favorite concentrates in a number of ways. 

The interior of the two atomizers is constructed entirely from quartz and quartz crystals, meaning that the vapor generated is of the highest quality and has some of the best flavor around!

These patented QCell Quartz-Authority atomizers are super absorbent and deliver a clean, consistent stream of vapor time and time again.

Other QCell vapes, like the Airistech Q-Tip almost qualified for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide based on their atomizers alone!

The Q1 Dab Atomizer (above left) runs a little cooler than the nectar collector (Q2 Dip Atomizer) so you can ensure for better flavor when using this atomizer. 

Airistech’s Q2 Dip Atomizer screws directly into the end of the Headbanger and can only be used once the Q1 Dab Atomizer has been removed. 

When not in use, the atomizer can be concealed under the magnetic bottom cap so it can be protected from possible contaminants.

When used together with the concealable quartz jar you can really take advantage of the portable power of the Airistech Headbanger. I really like this device in comparison to the iFocus DabMini as it is a fair bit easier to clean and maintain.

The Q2 Dip Atomizer has been designed in such a way that any residual concentrate gets atomizers away, meaning clogging becomes a thing of the past. 

With its wideset glass aqua-bubbler, the Headbanger has amazing airflow, meaning you can take much larger hits of sweet concentrate vapor than you would’ve normally been able to with a wax pen. 

If you’re using the device on-the-go as a portable wax pen, I definitely recommend loading up the Q1 Dab Atomizer with a tiny ball of concentrate and using the discreet dabbing method, as the Q2 Dip Coil could attract some unwanted attention. 

The nectar collector function is awesome for at-home use, as you never have to worry about cleaning your banger or nail, burning yourself on the torch, or even running out of butane gas

When you do get a bit of time away from prying eyes, it’s definitely worth testing out the nectar collection function. Never before have I been able to pull clouds as big as this through a wax pen, it’s unbelievable! 

If you’re a concentrate connoisseur that’s on the lookout for the best wax vape on the market, the Airistech Headbanger is the vape that you’ve been looking for. 

The Headbanger has it all: mind-blowing vapor production, next-level connoisseur grade flavor, and best of all, a totally reasonable price tag! All of this and more made the Airistech Headbanger our top pick for the Best Wax Vapes 2018 Buying Guide. 

Included in the Airistech Headbanger’s kit is: 

1 x Airistech Headbanger QCell 2-in-1 Wax Vape
1 x Q2 Dip Coil
1 x Q1 Dab Coil
2 x Quartz Tubs
1 x Dabbing/Loading Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
1 x Carry Pouch
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