Beautiful Wax Vaporizer with Nice Vapor--Headbanger

Posted Sep 7th 2018

There are more and more vaporizers in market, sometimes it's a headache to choose what we like.

Normally what will you care about when you choose a new vaporzier?

I think for most people, the design is the first thing to care, especially for girls.

When i buy something, i usually choose the beautiful design at first.

If it's like the below design with rainbow color, i believe that i will definitely choose it.

It feels like high-end one.


It seeems that red and blue also nice.



These colors create desirability.

Then comes to my mind: it's new product or not?

It's said that Headbanger is released these two months, it's the newest one with patented Airistech QCELL fritted quartz coil.

New technology always stand for trend, fashion.

If i am the first one, i will be proud.

Then how about its quality? the vapor? Easy to use?

Airistech QCELL heating technology is the most advanced one, even better then the most used CCELL in market so far.

It will ensure vapor purer, smoother, brings you best vaping experinece.

More importantly, because of highly apsorbtion, it will reduce wastage, in another word, it will save your money.

That's too great news.

About how to use, it offers two different ways, dip and dap, offers you the most convenience.

You can see it from the below video.

Yes, that's it, Headbanger, i know it will attract lots of attention during my trip.