More and More Major Companies Participate in Cannabis Industry

Posted Sep 14th 2018

Microsoft, Constellation, Heineken and other major companies have already participated in the cannabis industry, and the entire foreign environment is gradually becoming marijuana friendly.


Manhattan cannabis retailer Tagliaferro launched a cannabis biphenol CBD replacement to replace tobacco.

Tagliaferro's chief operating officer said that CBD is more than just a substitute. It can even help people quit tobacco. When the human endogenous cannabinoid interacts with the CBD, it will restore the body's balance, release stress, and give up. The idea of smoking.


Release date: 2018/9/10 (US time)


According to, the Louisiana medical marijuana program is developing well. Currently, nine cannabis pharmacies in the state will open at the end of September 2018.

According to conservative estimates by the Louisiana Marijuana Association, the medical cannabis market can generate $387 million in revenue for the state's economy.

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Release date: 2018/9/11 (US time)


The European Parliament is committed to providing medical marijuana on the European continent.

The European Parliament is currently drafting a draft proposal on medical cannabis to coordinate the laws within the EU.

The proposal cites the known medicinal properties of cannabis and how the existing cannabis ban in the European Union prevents research and treatment in the scientific community, especially in a widely dispersed legal regulatory environment.

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Release date: 2018/9/11 (US time)


According to the Anchorage Daily News, the price of marijuana in Alaska seems to be directly related to THC effectiveness. Cannabis growers across the United States are currently trying to expand the cultivation of cannabinoids, while Alaska cannabis growers are investing in cannabis crops that are rich in potent THC in order to compete in the market. It is reported that the price of THC-rich cannabis (20% or more) in Alaska can be as high as 18 US dollars per gram, compared with 14% THC content of marijuana may be about 10 US dollars per gram, the price difference is in other The market is not unheard of. Source: Release date: 2018/9/11 (US time)



According to the Cannabis Business Daily, Adolphus A. Busch V, the descendant of the founder of the American major brewing company Anheuser Busch, founded the cannabis company ABV Cannabis.

On September 12th, ABV Cannabis launched a series of disposable pens with hemp oil. In addition, ABV Cannabis plans to introduce cannabis and other derivatives soon.

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Release date: 2018/9/13 (US time)