Mystica II CBD vaporizer is made for everyone

Posted Dec 29th 2018

Mystica II is the CBD vaporizer for everyone. If you don’t want a big bulky setup, Mystica II is made for you, a slim rechargeable 450 mAh battery, also comes with a magnetic adapter to keep it mess-free and and sanitary. 


The all-inclusive CBD Vape Kit provides you with everything you need to enjoy high-quality CBD oils. With variable voltage for CBD oil, Mystica II  vape kit is guaranteed to give you the best possible vaping experience.

Regular mods burn at a higher temperature which produces carcinogens when used for CBD oil whereas this mod is specifically designed for this purpose. This ensures that you will never burn your oil again. To use, fill the cartridge with CBD oil, screw the connector ring on to the cartridge and pop it in and go – it’s that simple.

This all-inclusive CBD Vape Kit is no exception to the outstanding attention to detail, combining ultra-sleek looks with a compact body and high-quality materials. The kit is cutting-edge, combining extreme usability with forward-thinking toolkits and technologies.