Airistech Herb Viva - How to choose your vaporizer

Posted May 9th 2017

∥   Advanced Technology     ●     Simple Intelligence     ●      Taste Maker     ●      Portable Discretion    ∥


        Airistech Herbva Viva

                Patent No. ZL 2015 3 0018099.3


               Viva has been through almost 4 years in the market from 2014 to 2017, which has

        been tested by the market for years and still one of our best seller. 

              //   Quality stable / Portable design /  Afforadable price / High-end packaging  //

We focused on vaporizer business for almost 5 years, and Viva started our engineering on Baking technology. With improvements for each part, now viva reaches the best standard.

When we looked back for the years of baking vaporizer growing, there are many titles for Viva.

Baking rather than burning + Portable + OLED screen + Temperature adjustable + °C & °F and so forth. This design bring more healthy vaping concept to people. 

There are always several limitation when we design a product before we pushing into the market or create it which is also important when you choose a vaporizer among so many choices.

Why Buy Airistech vaporizer  - How to choose your vaporizer?

       For dry herb? Concentrate? or CBD oil

       No matter which product you looking for, we can offer you one-stop option. Dry herb vaporizer ( Herbva ), wax vape pen ( Crystal ) and CBD vaporizer ( Diamond ).

       There are many good design in the market, but Airistech always offering customers good products with good prices. Affordable is one of our principle to start a design.

       With less money, you can enjoy the complete vaping process by buying Airistech vaporizers.

        Party & Vacation , that's why we make it portable. You'll see all the design in Airistech are elegant by its palm size. Not all the states are legal to use vaporizers, it will be

        battery to make it easy to put into your pocket ( there is a carry bag in the kit ), take it to the party or go vacation with it. 

       Easy use, easy go ! for baking vaporizers, you can set up your favorite temperature and it wil default to that one next time when you use it no matter °C or °F. And for wax/CBD 

       vape pen, long pressing to go and loose the button to stop. easy to operate, but lots of fun.

Viva is our initial design for Baking dry herb vaporizer, you can choose this one as your starter if you just start to use vaporizers. It will bring you lots of enjoyment when vaping with viva. 

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